Pinpoint Leak Detection From the Iowa City Experts

Left unattended, a leaky pipe can cause major problems such as flooding your home and/or a massive surge in your water bill. Thanks to the leak detection services of Ackerman Plumbing, your plumbing leaks in the Iowa City and Williamsburg areas can be found and repaired quickly and effectively.

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Any water leak in your home or on your property needs to be found and addressed immediately, and Ackerman Plumbing has professionals who can help. Call our leak detectives today at (319) 530-0788 (Iowa City) or (319) 668-1151 (Williamsburg).

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Signs You May Have an Unseen Leak

  • An unexplainable spike in your water bill

  • You hear water running even when all the fixtures are off

  • Rust starting to form on fixtures

  • Smell of mildew and/or mold

  • Dripping noises in your kitchen or bathroom

Leaks don’t always show themselves with obvious signs. If your home is displaying any one or some combination of these symptoms, it’s important that you have a professional plumber come and find the leak’s source fast. Ackerman plumbing has experts who are highly trained in the art and science of leak detection.

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What Could Cause a Leak?

  • Home’s foundation shifted, stressing joints to the breaking point

  • Pipe and joint corrosion, either from time or from corrosive chemicals in the supply

  • Temperature changes, particularly freezing winter temperatures

  • Incorrect installations

  • Tree roots

And those are just a few of the reasons on of your pipes may start leaking. Whether the leak is underground or under your house, Ackerman Plumbing can help you pinpoint the source.

Our plumbers arrive at your home for leak detection in a fully stocked van, so when we identify the source of your leak, we can usually fix it on the same visit, which saves you time and money. Additionally, we provide our staff with advanced training and state-of-the-art equipment.

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