Sewer Video Inspections Reveal Drain Problems

The first step to solving any sewer or drain problem is to properly determine exactly what the problem is. Ackerman Plumbing can help you properly identify your sewer or drain problem with camera inspections in the Iowa City and Williamsburg areas. Ackerman’s experts know how to operate the camera in a way that will reveal the difficult to diagnose drain clogs and leaks.

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Ackerman Plumbing has technicians available to use the power of sewer video inspections to help fix your drains. Call us today at (319) 530- 0788 (Iowa City area) or (319) 668-1151 to identify the source of your sewer clog.

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Common Clog Causes

  • Tree Roots — When roots grow, they can often grow into, and through, your drain or sewer pipe. If a tree root is clogging your drain, a camera may be the only way to find it.

  •  Human-Created Obstruction — Adults and children alike can put things down drains that they shouldn’t. These human-created obstructions are all different and sometimes require different solutions. That makes a camera inspection an important first step in clearing human-created obstructions.

  • Other Debris — A camera inspection could also reveal obstructions like mud, clay and grass.

  • Sagging Sewer Line — Old sewer lines can start to sag, and because this can be difficult to find, camera inspections can help our technicians where they need to dig.

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How Camera Inspections Work

A tiny camera at the end of a wire gets inserted in your pipe by a trained technician. This wire snakes its way through your drainage systems until the problem is found, identified and recorded.

We keep our repair vans fully stocked, so when we identify your sewer or drain problems, we can usually fix it on the same visit, saving you time and money. We provide our expert plumbers with ongoing training so that we can provide state-of-the-art camera inspections.

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