Clean, Pure Drinking Water is Achievable With a Water Filtration System

Even with a municipal water supply, the only way to know what’s in the water you and and your family are drinking is to hook it up to a water filtration system. Ackerman Plumbing can help you drink clean, pure water in the Iowa City and Williamsburg areas.

Many microscopic things occur naturally in water. Some are benign, but some are harmful and shouldn’t be present in the water we drink. By removing these harmful elements, a water filtration system from Ackerman will give you peace of mind about what you and your family are putting inside your bodies.

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Remove Contaminants for Fresher Water

An Ackerman Filtration System Can Remove:

  • Aluminum & Ammonia

  • Chromium & Copper

  • Lead & Mercury

  • Radium & Silver

  • & More

In addition to regular mineral filtration, Ackerman’s experts can install an iron filter to keep that particular metal out of your water. Also, we install water softeners  if minerals such as limestone, chalk, or magnesium are making your water hard. A lack of suds from your soapy water, or a film on your dishes after washing them, are generally good indicators of hard water.

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Why Trust Ackerman for Clean, Filtered Water?

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction — Ackerman Plumbing has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that we won’t stop working on your water filtration system until you are happy with its performance.

  • Professional, Highly Trained Staff — We invest in ongoing training for our staff, every member of which has passed a drug test and a background check before entering your home.

  • Locally Owned, Locally Focused — We enjoy looking after our Iowa City neighbors, and when you choose a local business, you’re never far from help.

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