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A broken water heater can not only mean taking a cold shower but unwashed clothes and dishes as well. When the hot water stops flowing in your home, you can call on Ackerman Plumbing. Our water heater experts can diagnose and repair your problem in the Iowa City and Williamsburg areas.

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Ackerman Plumbing can fix your hot water heater no matter what the problem is. Call us today at (319) 530-0788 (Iowa City) or (319) 668-1151 (Williamsburg) to keep your hot water flowing.

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Ackerman Services All Brands & All Types of Water Heaters

Ackerman Plumbing employs highly trained plumbers, so we can service any brand of water heater and any type. Whether your water heater is tank or tankless, heated by gas or electricity, we can help. Plus, our repair experts arrive in fully-stocked vans, so typically we can fix your issue in just one visit.

Additionally, Ackerman’s Total Care Club maintenance plan can keep your water heater working well all year. As part of your maintenance package, we will keep your heater clear of debris, leak-free and in good working order.

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What Could Cause Your Water Heater Problem?

  • Age — All water heaters need to be replaced eventually, so if your heater is 8 to 12 years old, then it simply may have rusted through or is worn out.

  • Sediment Buildup — Usually identified by harsh gravelly sounds from the heater, sediment will gather over time and needs to be cleared regularly.

  • Pressure — Keeping the temperature above 140-145 degrees will cause the system to build up pressure, which can burst the tank.

  • Loose Connections — A poorly installed connection will leak and can be fixed quickly and correctly by Ackerman.

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